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Teaching Resources

This page contains information and links for facilitating the Science in Space program. These materials may be used for free with attribution in any education setting but not for commercial use.

Photographs are provided using a creative commons license unless otherwise indicated. 

Science in Space Meeting #09 - Showcase Preparation Slides Template.png


The program stretches the engineering design process over 10 meetings in five weeks. Feel free to alter the duration to meet your needs.

Facilitation Guide

Click here to view the full facilitation guide with meeting-by-meeting plans. 


Click here to access the Google Drive folder.

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Why do location and wavelength matter for telescopes? 

Science in Space Meeting #1 - Slides Template (4).png

Six example telescopes introduced in Science in Space meeting #1

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Minecraft: Education Edition

Minecraft: Education Edition allows students to build their telescopes in a virtual environment with unlimited resources. You can virtually explore their worlds too. Imagination is the only limitation. Learn more here.

Image by Andy Holmes

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